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Our flagship member program, INDIEPRO, gives Indies access to our entire suite of trainings, weekly live Q&A sessions and audits, monthly live trainings, a library of prior live events, and a list of exclusive partner deals on services like mixing, mastering, production, and distribution.

INDIEPRO is regularly priced at $37/mo or $369 for annual membership.

A formal invitation process has been set up on our homepage:

Here, your audience can apply to receive an INDIEPRO membership invitation, after which we will check their info and follow up 24-48 hours later with an official invitation to join INDIEPRO. This process allows us to personalize their invitation and ensure that they can be followed up with after the initial invitation.

If you would like to give your audience a direct invitation to join INDIEPRO, you can bring them directly to the invitation page through this link:


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