The 4 Benefits of Talking To Your Fans Weekly

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April. 17th, 2019 by Jack

With all the hard work you’ve been putting into building your music career with digital marketing, could you actually be missing out on a crucial component?

Between Facebook ads, album launches, email marketing, and building up your online merch store, you might think you’ve got it all covered. So what is the missing puzzle piece?

Talking to your fans, regularly!

The truth is, many artists are so focused on building campaigns, releasing music, filming music videos, and marketing their tours that they forget about the lifeblood of their careers – their fans!

Without regular communication, a growing fanbase will eventually go cold.

Read on to learn the 4 big benefits of talking to your fans weekly and how doing so will aid you in the rest of your marketing efforts!

It Gives You a Chance To Hang Out

Think, for just a second, about your fans in the context of real life human relationships.

When you meet someone new and become friends, the next step to growing that bond is by hanging out and doing cool stuff together!

The same can be said about the relationships you build with your fans. In the Buddy System, we call this step nurturing. Nurturing is a crucial part of the listener journey as fans go from being totally unaware of you to being huge supporters.

Remember chatrooms? Well, recurring media is a way cooler way to talk to your fans!

New fans might discover your music video in a Facebook ad or hear you on Spotify, but what is the next step?

By talking with these newcomers regularly, in a way that they come to expect, it builds upon that relationship.

Furthermore, if you plan recurring communication in the form of content on a platform YouTube, a podcast, or a regular Facebook Live, it will be akin to scheduling normal hangouts with your fans.

By planning a recurring content strategy in that way, your fans will literally be fitting you into their very busy lives, and you’re fitting them into yours. You couldn’t ask for anything better than that!

It Keeps Them in The Loop

Planning a tour? Hitting the studio soon? Working on writing a new song every day?

If you’re talking with your fans each week, it gives you an opportunity to share the journey with them.

As much as your fans love listening to your records and coming to your shows, what really endears them to you is actually being a part of your journey and your tribe.

By communicating the things you’re working on and sharing your successes and challenges, it not only keeps your fans on their toes about what’s coming next, but also allows them to share their ideas with you.

You Can Make Offers Directly To Them

Talking with your fans every week and giving them inside looks into your world puts you in a unique sales position.

Whether you’re ramping up for a record release, selling new merch, or hitting the road, after periods of “hanging out” and providing value (nurturing), you’ve hopefully built up so much goodwill among your base that taking you up on an offer feels like a favor, instead of a transaction.

If you feel that your normal sales efforts through other marketing channels like email, messages, or ads are lacking, your recurring content may provide a better result.

Since the communication with your fans will be even more direct, you can make offers that feel more personalized and special as you hang out with your fans.

For example, you could talk directly to fans in an area that you’ll be traveling to in a few weeks or run special flash sales during a particular livestream.

When it comes to sales, talking to your fans on a regular basis allows you to take your creativity to a new level.

It Helps You Understand Them Better

Last but certainly not least, talking with your fans weekly helps you to understand them better.

You’ll understand they like most about your music, what songs they want to hear when you go on tour, and what kind of content they dig.

This is a benefit that you can’t underestimate. Learning more about your fans gives you an opportunity to shape your future content to better serve them.

It’s like having a focus group with your most dedicated supporters each and every week. The music industry at large has ignored the big benefits of listening to the opinions of fans.

There’s so much to learn from your fans. Dr. Dre and Jay Z are great examples of artists that actually focus group their releases, by developing and testing sounds (and products) over time.

For example, if you host a podcast each week and use it as a way to communicate with fans, in time a feedback loop will be created where your content and music just keeps getting better and more tailored to their interests.

Get Talkin’ With Your Fans!

Now that you’ve got an idea of these benefits, you can see how you can’t pass up the opportunity to communicate with your fans on a regular basis.

With technology like Facebook Live, podcasting tools, and the ease of YouTube, you’ve got access and zero excuses to not take action.

Want to learn how to communicate with your fans consistently, week to week, using a recurring content strategy? We’ve got you covered in our Content Blitz Blueprint inside of IndiePRO!