Creating A Vanity URL

If your Facebook Page has 25 or more "Likes", you will have the ability to create a customized "Vanity" URL. This will allow you to create a standardized phrase that can then be used for any other social media or listening website which allows you to create an account and customize the URL.

For example, our Testing Grounds artist DUX uses the common vanity slug "itsduxmusic":

Having a common vanity "slug" can help you direct your listeners to the right pages and also make it easier for your listeners to find you or recommend you to others.

To customize your URL "slug" for your Facebook page, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Page in Business Manager (
  2. Click "About" in the left hand menu to edit your About section.

  3. Click "Edit" next to your Page Username and enter your chosen Vanity URL "slug".

  4. Once you have chosen an available username, click "Create Username".

The URL "Slug"

The text that follows a domain, such as "", is commonly referred to as the URL "slug".

For instance, the INDIEPRO training vault page "slug" is "trainings". So, the training vault page can be accessed by navigating to: