Page Reviews

Every Facebook Page comes with the ability to turn on "Reviews" and allow audiences to rank and review your business. In this lesson, we will talk about why this can be valuable and show you how to turn on Reviews for your page.

Reviews can be valuable for two important reasons:

  1. Social Proof
    When we are faced with a decision (ex. whether or not to "Like" a Facebook Page), we make choices based off of available information. When we don't have enough information, we will typically look to see how other people are behaving and use that as evidence for how we should behave.

    This psychological principle of the human decision-making process is important because it illustrates how trends form and why it's easy for things that are already popular to gain more popularity. The more reviews you have, the more social proof you have.

  2. Testimonials
    Because Social Proof is important and can assist your listeners, fans, and customers in making a decision, it is beneficial to have a stock of testimonials from your existing fans. You can use testimonials in your Ads, in your email campaigns, on your website, and even in your content.

    While you could gather testimonials via email or by directly reaching out to your fans, reviews make it easy to passively gather testimonials. The greatest source of Testimonials for any artist we work with has been this reviews section.

Reviews can have drawbacks. If your mindset and mentality is negatively impacted by the occasional hater, you may be inclined to avoid reviews entirely. However, if you can develop a thick skin and put up with a 1-star review here and there, we highly recommend turning them on.

If you would like to turn on your Page Reviews, just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to and select your Business Manager Account, then click on your Facebook Page.

  2. Once you have accessed your Facebook Page in Business Manager, click "Settings" at the top.

  3. On the next page, select "Edit Page" from the left-hand menu.

  4. Scroll down until you see "Reviews", then click "Settings".

  5. Flip the switch "On" and then click "Save".

If you already have a following, it can be wise to post on your Facebook Page or send an email to your list asking for reviews. This can get the ball rolling on your Reviews section and provide social proof that other fans should leave...

...more social proof.