Working With The Algorithm

The organic Facebook algorithm works to serve your fans the content that is most relevant to them. On average, posts from Facebook Pages reach less than 8% of the people who have "liked" those pages. 

But, that's just an average - some pages do better, some do worse. To get your page to perform with the highest organic reach, it's important to understand how the organic algorithm currently works and what strategies can give you a big edge.

This training focuses primarily on converting visitors of your Page to subscribers or customers. However, your page can also help to nurture and engage existing fans and listeners. In this lesson, we'll learn how you can tip those odds in your favor.

Lesson Objectives

  • Understanding the Facebook "Edge Rank" algorithm
  • Understanding "Inventory", "Signals", and "Predictions"
  • check
    Understanding how different types of posts perform (video vs. text)
  • check
    Understanding the importance of live streaming
  • check
    Crafting an organic posting (see: live streaming) strategy