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This 6-week instructor-led session will show you how to get started building your fanbase and monetizing your music no matter WHERE you are in your music career. Identify the weaknesses in your current marketing and establish a plan to start monetizing sustainably. Work closely with your instructor to discover your ideal pacing and learn everything you’ve been curious about!

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Limited to 8 seats per class

The 6-week INDIEFOUNDER Session comes with...

  • Weekly calls with your expert coach for a tailor-fit strategy from an every-day music marketer...
  • A new level of fluency to become the brain of your brand and take control of generating music revenue...
  • A clear, concise, personalized execution plan designed so that you can build the main pillars of your business…
  • A fluid curriculum that speeds up or slows down based on your individual interests and needs...
  • Limited 8-seat class that guarantees individualized help and comprises a mastermind of advanced Indies...

What you'll learn in INDIEFOUNDER...

Student-Defined Curriculum

  • Discover the nature of your marketing system to find out what needs work and where you’re succeeding...
  • YOU guide what is taught in the class! Your instructor will note your weaknesses, strengths, goals, and desired topics to formulate a curriculum that works for you...
  • Benefit from weekly check-ins where the curriculum will speed up or slow down based on your progress...

Exclusive Lectures

  • Gain additional material not taught in the IndiePRO trainings for extra comprehension on particular topics...
  • See behind the veil on your instructor’s ad accounts, website builds, and other assets to know precisely how successful funnels and ads are built...
  • Utilize direct access to your coach so that you can ask specific questions on a daily basis and get detailed explanations via livestreams...

Custom Recommendations

  • Gain a personalized recommendation on how to improve your current marketing approach and build upon it in the future...
  • Report on your progress directly to your instructor on a weekly basis so that they’ll know EXACTLY what you need...
  • Graduate from the class with an executable strategy and tons of knowledge not found in the INDIEPRO membership...

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Included During Your INDIEFOUNDER Session
Full Access To The INDIEPRO Membership!

Marketing Strategies That Lead The New Music Industry

Included During Your INDIEFOUNDER Session: 
Full Access To The INDIEPRO Membership!

Marketing Strategies That Lead The New Music Industry

Included During INDIEFOUNDER: 
Full Access To The INDIEPRO Membership!

Marketing Strategies That Lead The New Music Industry

As an INDIEPRO member, you'll get instant, on-demand access to our entire library of step-by-step Campaign Guides. These instructional guides have been used to trigger a flood of new listeners, build a massive subscriber list of engaged fans, or create die-hard supporters with time-tested strategies. 

Fan Finder Method

The most powerful method ever discovered for growing your fan base with your music or live performance videos.

Spotify Field Guide

The #1 source for accurate, bullshit-free tutorials on Spotify marketing and growth strategies.

Selling Tickets for Live Shows

Want to pack your live show? Learn how to blanket a show area, generate local fans, and follow it up with ticket sales!

The Buddy System

Learn the psychology-based step-by-step process for turning random strangers into raving, promoting fans.

Email Marketing for Musicians

Build an end-to-end automated fan-building sales-generating machine with the power of Email Marketing - and put your list to work!

Messenger Marketing

Complete blueprint for using Facebook Messenger to grow, track, and generate sales with your digital fan base.

How To Run Your Music Business

Having trouble with getting a lot done? Learn the systems we use to run Indepreneur and get more done than ever before!

FREE + S&H Funnel Strategy

Trouble getting sales? Shake loose customers from your fan base while turning a profit from dead stock back inventory!

The Ultimate Album Launch

How to actually profit from releasing an album while growing your list with brand new fans and customers.

Ones and Zeros 101

Learn how to track, measure, and optimize your entire digital fan base using the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

Fan Page Optimization

Turn your Facebook Fan Page from a dead zone into a laser-targeted gateway for your new listeners.

Content Blitz Blueprint

Learn how to start a podcast, vlog, or weekly live stream and retain your fans attention year-round - become a content master!

The $1-A-Day Traffic Plan

Learn how to grow your fan base and maximize your reach using $1-a-day Facebook and Instagram Ads that blanket your warm audience!

Grow Your Permission List

Learn how to consistently and reliably grow your email list by crafting the perfect offer for your fans!

...and more every quarter!

Our technicians and experts are working around the clock to produce trainings for cutting-edge strategies - new trainings every quarter!