INDIESLIVE! w/ Shae Langford

Originally Published: December 22nd, 2021


1:00 Name Unknown

Hi, I'm new to IndiePro. I've been through Buddy Training and Zeros and Ones and managed to get my pixels all set up etc. My question is about websites and stores. I have a squarespace site for my music and I have a shop through them set up for a little bit of merch. And I use Eventbrite for ticket sales. Would it be better of rme to use Shopify... I'm seeing alot of mention of Shopify throughout some IP trainings. But I haven't got to any specific trainings yet about what sites are best to use. Thanks

4:20 Corey Lewin

Sup Shae! I recently decided to set up an Education funnel and wanted to get your thoughts on a couple things.So I've told you about those 30-40 sec acoustic videos I posted on IG for each song on my last EP. They've proven to be pretty strong cold audience assets on IG. So I set up a funnel with the strongest video going to cold first, then retargeting the Thruplays from the past 7 days with another one of the videos, then retargeting THOSE Thruplays with a 3rd video. So my questions are...1) General thoughts on my set up?2) I chose Thruplays because they're shorter vids so a Thruplay is essentially a 50% view. Do you think it's worth chosing a longer view metric or ok to stick with Thruplays?3) The training suggestions running a permission ad at the end of the funnel, but what about offering a free CD (FSH)? Like "hey, if you liked these videos, I'd love to send you the full CD for free" kind of thing? 4) Since the "funnel audience" is going to be smaller than a wide warm audience you'd usually target for an opt in or FSH, should I be running a Reach or Traffic campaign instead of Conversions for that final post-funnel offer?Thanks for indulging my super long questions! Happy Holidays!

12:50 Charlie Otto

i did the headline test and had some 75% views, etc. the response wasn't anything like Circa's video in "analyzing test results" in the fan finder module, but it was somethingi just did the first test of all the audiences and the numbers are drastically lower, like almost no engagement at all across all the audiences, 1 or 2 75% views per audience - is that normal? i thought it was supposed to be better than the headline test