INDIESLIVE! w/ IndieX Specialist Jesse Gillenwalters



2:10 Corey Lewin-

Sup Jesse! Won't catch this one live, but you didn't think I was gonna pass up the chance to ask you a question, did you?! recently made a comment about how every release can be viewed as an opportunity to grow any/all stages of your Buddy System & ROI. Been thinking about that a TON as I make my content plan for 2022 and was hoping you could give some feedback. So I want to try and drop a new single every 6ish weeks and do a waterfall strategy with the intention of ending up with a couple EPs (or an album). So for each single release I'm thinking something like:-1 week before: announce single and run opt in for early access/behind the song content-Week of: streaming/video release. Run ads to warm audience for Ed and cold audiences for Intro-Weeks following: ancillary content for further nurturing. live performance vids, bloopers, in studio vids, associated merch drops, etc.Would love to get your thoughts on this and any suggestions for improvement! Thank you sir!P.S. if you have time...with a waterfall strategy where you're basically releasing an EP/album one song at a time over an extended period, how do you then sell a CD of the final product if all the songs are already out? If they've already heard all the songs, why would they then buy the CD? Could you sell the full CDs BEFORE and only drop a single song at a time on streaming? I like the idea of releasing a longer record one song at a time to maximize content but not sure of how to then build products around the final project once it's complete. Hope that makes sense! THANK YOU!

9:27 Keith McMurray-

Season's Greetings Jesse!Hope you're well. I could do with some fan-finder advice as I'm feeling a little lost as to what to try out next. The two videos I've been using don't seem to be doing anything - I tend to pay 9p-10p per 75% viewer and 19p-30p per 95% viewer (sorry - I don't know how much that is in US money!) Although I get a certain amount of likes and comments, I get no new subscribers and after spending £60 on my last run I tried doing a follow up using 50% viewers from the first ad but it didn't reach a single soul as I assume the audience was too small.I think I could really do with a one-to-one session to get into specifics, but for now I was wondering if you have any general advice as to what I could do to systematically troubleshoot what I'm doing and assess the most likely areas where things are not working?(My fan finder videos are the ones I think you've seen already: this question isn't too vague - all advice gratefully received!Cheers,Keith

21:00 Joseph Daniel-

Hey Jesse! I hit Jack about this in an IndiesLive a couple weeks ago and he gave me a bunch of dope advice for streamlining my website. Now that I've made a TON of changes, I would love your input on how it could be improved. The main thing is that I just got prints of my EP and haven't REALLY started selling it yet, but want to get the most out of my website in the mean time.

38:00 Haley-

Hey Jesse! In your opinion/experience, what are some of the best opt-in bribes to share with 75% VV of a Fan Finder? I’ve tried my 4 day evergreen album launch and I’m not sure it’s resonating with that group. I get more leads from my green light warmth and even cold audiences for that. Any tips?

44:50 Josh- I'm working on this as a "landing page" of sorts to give programming directors at colleges/PACs and movie theatres more info. I'll include a link to the page in an email pitch to them. What could make it more clear, compelling? thanks!