INDIESLIVE! w/ IndieX Specialist Jesse Gillenwalters



6:40 Audrey Victoria Downey:

Hey! I'm currently going through the new album launch program and I'm at the paid offer ideation stage and I would like to know how you would recommend adapting the system to a Patreon membership offer.

My plan would be to offer a discounted yearly membership that would include some exclusive merch items I normally don't offer.

Due to the technical limitations that come with using Patreon, I cannot stack the bump offer and the upsell like the training recommends, as this would require the customer to go through the checkout process twice (once on Patreon and once on my merch store) which really doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

With that in mind, my best alternative so far seems to be offering people different Patreon yearly membership tier options in my paid offer, rather than offering a bump up and upsell, but I'm worried this might get complicated and confusing, and give too many options for them to chose from.

I would be grateful for any ideas or suggestions you might have regarding the topic!

19:50 Thomas Erwin:

Hey hey Jesse!

Still chugging along with the opt-in campaign for my upcoming 5-album retrospective experience. Sign-ups are slow-going, with only about 30 still. About 2 weeks left before launch.

I think you've pretty much seen all the different copy/creative I've used over the past week or so, so I won't bother compiling that here if that's alright.

In terms of organic promotion, I've used my different recurring content channels (podcast, livestream), as well responding to comments. I have my recent best-performing FF vid running to my thruplay audience at $5 a day as a brand refresher.

The first minute-long promo video to my thruplay audience via a conversions campaign seemed to get the most signups so far, but that could also be attributed to it being the "first announcement". Delivery rate for that went up past 2.5 though, so I stopped running it a while back.

For my next move I'm thinking of making another short promo video, using high-grade footage that I can dub over, of me talking (with a mask on) on the "set" of a new music video shoot.

Aside from that, wondering if you had any other suggestions on something else I could try to keep the momentum going? Be it organic actions, a different type of campaign or audience, or other kinds of copy/creative ideas.

30:31 Tomislav Vedrina:
Hey Jesse!
I need advice from you as THE education and nurturing authority 🙂

I'm sitting on a great interview recorded for a national radio station about the history of the band but I can't release it on just any channel very publicly... the radio station won't allow it.

It sounds great and it could be the perfect piece of education content / a pillar post / biography page content.... but...

It's in Croatian (2 audio files, 30min long) and I'd like international fans to get it too.
..and as I mentioned - the radio station's restrictions.

My first thought was to transcribe it and translate it to English, but what then?

So I'm asking myself: What would Jesse do? 😀

I want to make it into a cool big piece of content on one platform, drive traffic to it with a FB ads education campaign and splinter it into good ammo for socials (quotes, snippets...)

What would you recommend?

39:45 Corey Lewin:
Hey Jesse! I am prepping to run my first Permission campaign in a couple of weeks and I'm a little confused about the bribe vs. bonus content for overdelivery.

I'm releasing a new single and I'm planning on giving early access to anyone who signs up for my mailing list. They'll be directed to a landing page on my site where they can hear/download the song and will also get to hear the original demo, an acoustic version, and an in depth "behind the song" talking about the meaning and writing process.

Question is: am I advertising any of that bonus content as part of the actual bribe that people see? Or do I just tell them about the early access and all the other stuff is the "surprise" they get to overdeliver. My thinking was to say "early other bonus content" to kind of tease it without giving it all away. Am I on the right track here? Thanks so much!