INDIESLIVE! w/ Corrin Campbell

Originally Published: March 24th, 2021


4:05 Pravin Thompson:
Hey Corrin!

Thank you again for doing this! I'm launched a new F+S&H for my album's 1 year anniversary.
This is the sales page I built for it. Would love to hear any feedback!

9:45 Nicole Arrage:
Hey Corrin!

My first opt-in campaign ''get a free download + win a hoodie'' goes live today through squarespace and mailchimp.

My e-mail list currently has 15 subsribers. I've never sent an e-mail before, this is all new to me.

What is the best way to deliver the mp3 (or wav) to new opt-ins? I assume it'll be in a link in the automated e-mail they get once they put in their e-mail address. What's the best platform for this ? Google drive, soundcloud, or a 3rd party download site I still have yet to discover?

Thanks a lot for help. I'll wait until I have more info from you before the 2-day campaign goes live 🙂 If you want to see how the e-mail looks like, I've enabled the trigger, but there is no download link attached.

Feedback on the page setup is also welcomed!

21:50 Ian Goldberg:
Drip question since you are the resident Drip guru. I just made the switch from mailchimp and I am about to run a FSH campaign. I want to do different post purchase thank you sequences depending on if customers just get the free cd, or if they get free cd+order bump, cd+upsell, or all 3. I also want to tag people as customers and also tags with the items they purchased. Should this all live in 1 complex workflow? Or is it better to split them into multiple simple workflows? Any general tips to set this up? Also any good ways to test workflows to make sure they work as intended before sending them out to the list

Follow up question. Any chance of a ground report on how you are using drip? Once i started messing around in the workflows and seeing just how powerful it is i would love to see how you are using it just to get ideas for myself.

thanks! so glad i left mailchimp behind

49:00 Harley Jaimes Rose:
Hey Corrine,

I have spent lots of time building and illustrating my brand and I think it looks amazing of course but I am always wondering if I have overdone it and left the process of purchasing confusing.

Thanks in advance, I love these sessions