INDIESLIVE! w/ Shae Langford

Originally Published: June 9th, 2021


1:55 Deven MickeyYoung Bridges:

Yo yo! Whats’s goodie?! 🤙🏾 Long-winded question here. TL;DR:
I have a question over which trainings I study for the next few months to assist me in building my first launch, besides how to profit from a launch.

Some background:
I am planning to build an important launch over the next 90 days that’s not quite an ultimate album launch (I know the training has a different name now) but isn’t a quick permission campaign either.

It’ll be lighter than “ultimate”, so that I don’t delay releasing this body of work any longer than I already have (3years).

My idea (which Jack gave me) is to build a 3-4 day virtual retreat surrounding an exclusive reveal of this project for people on my email/sms list. All the work I put in will be live-streamed with replays hopefully (rather than programming webpages and an online journey that I’d spend another year building).

My fan base and buddy system aren’t at the level to where the “how to profit from a launch” training would be an obvious next step, but I’m not sure if “how to grow your permission list” training will give me everything I need to guide me through the scary process of building this launch.

Are there any additional trainings you’d recommend I add to my study diet?
(I’ve done the Buddy System and Fan Finder so far).