INDIESLIVE! Audit Session w/ IndieX Specialist Jesse Gillenwalters

Originally Published on: January 6th, 2021


Time Stamps:

3:36 Greg Owens:

Hey Corrin! Happy New Year! Would you mind takin' a look at what will be my new Fan Finder? Should I change anything? I can't really change the performance as I rented a place for it but I can definitely change the edit if I need to. If you have any sound-alike artists, I need some suggestions on that as well! Thanks!

12:00 Joe Chesterman-March:

Hey Corrin, been doing Jesse's education training and finding it really excellent. He talks about the value of messenger conversations and getting to know what your fans are like, so I wondered what your thoughts were on messaging people who comment on a fan finder? Not everyone, just the people most engaged. Thanks, Joe