INDIESLIVE! Audit Session w/ IndieX Agency Specialist, Ed Isola

Published: February 10th, 2021


IndiesLIVE timestamps:

3:25 Troy Tittley:

Hi Ed, I've just finished my EPK for my band's next release and I'm in the process of sending it out. For context, this will be linked to in an email that's tailored to either press, bloggers, or industry contacts, so it's assumed if they click through they are already interested to learn more.

Is it clear and concise enough, or do I need to change it up? Cheers


7:28 Keith McMurray:

Hello Ed,
Hope all's well with you. If you've got time I'd be very grateful for your thoughts on the landing page I'm working on:

Thanks in advance!


13:30 Jay Garrigan:

Hello Ed. I have three items going on... a PWUW+S/H landing page, an album release landing page, and... a front landing page in case anyone goes into my site direct. Would love you to give feedback & reccomendations.
Offering our old album + upsell to a presale of the new album dropping in April. Have 2 videos from fan finders here on page to help tie the video to these CDs. Aim here is build permission list with a bribe of PWUW+S/H.
Will start pushing this in March to all warm and lukewarm. Hopeing to have a video finished before you review. 🙂
General landing page with link to Album Launch and Shopify store.


19:55 Marti Purull:

Hi Ed, I released an album for fans only (i.e. email subscribers) just over a month ago and I've kept this secret album (actually called "The Secret Album") as my email bribe on my main website.

Here's the link:

Does it look simple enough / too simple? We went for a very minamilistic approach for the entire artwork. Also, is it a good idea to keep this as my main website?

Thank you very much!


22:13 Pravin Thompson:

Hey Ed!
Just launched a permission campaign yesterday. The bribe is joining my Facebook group and being more involved with my writing and musical development process through that. I'd love for you to take a look at the landing page and let me know if there is anything glaring that I should change!
the #afterthecollapse is a call back to the name of my album "A Thoughtful Collapse." I am not just reference how 2020 blew up everything lol.


25:43 Mary-Jess Leaverland:

Hello Ed, I've created a landing page on Squarespace but the pixel isn't firing properly, I remember Corrin saying you had to set up a specific page for it to fire properly, do you know which specific page that is please? Also, it doesn't display properly on Samsung (it's so bad people just can't sign up) but seems to be fine on every other make of phone?! Thanks!


28:00 Kitty Troller:

Hi Ed! I'm looking for advice. My music YouTube project has not launched anything yet, but we just finished our first song with vocals. We'd love to use this song as our channel launch, and encourage people to do covers of it at the same time (it is simple, emotional, and easy to sing.) Do you have any tips for organizing or promoting this sort of thing? Does it even make sense for an unknown project? Or will people be like 'who are these weirdos??' We thought about reaching out to individual YouTubers we like and specifically asking them if they want to cover the song. Is that a good idea, or will they also be like 'who are these weirdos?!' Thanks.


31:00 Matt Brown:

Hey Ed I'm about to run a FF that I'm gonna run a second video 50-75% VV with a traffic event to get them to this Page. It's essentially a preview of the upcoming EP experience.

I want to know if this page would work for the rest of my EP Launch pages and also if selling T shirt and my other products is a good idea at this point or if I should wait for the full EP experience.

Also is the Orange Box icon something that looks like it should be clicked or not.

It leads to the sign up for my EP Launch experience and I want to give people an early opportunity to sign up for that.

Also for context this is my FF video that performed the best with my test.


36:20 Alexandre Vladimir Popravko:

Hey Ed!

Could use a second opinion on my existing "early access" style opt-in bribe landing page:

Had some success with it for a recent campaign, and aim to do something similar for my next single, but if you've any tips on optimizing the format or creative, I'd love to hear 'em!

Thank you!


38:30 Quinn Warren:

Hey Ed we just launched our first FF recently and we have got Zero optins so far. I don't expect to get a bunch of optins right away, what do you think of our website?