INDIESLIVE! Audit Session w/ CEO & Co-Founder Kyle "Circa" Lemaire

Published on: 10/7/20


IndiesLive Time Stamps 10/7/20

2:55 // 42:50 Dicky Moore:

Hey guys. I was thinking about fiving all my fans access to the first day of my album journey and then hoping that by looking through that they sign up for the rest of the journey (the other 9 days). Do you think that strategy could work? Here's my landing page:


4:15 Nino Lucarelli:
Hey All! First fan finder seems to have went pretty well! Coming up on almost a week and I've optimized based on the training steps. I've had lots of poeple spilling over to my socials, youtube, and even spotify and there is no call to acton here. I wasn't expecting this but my audience has come out to be mostly men that are musicians or interested in music, age 24-54. Not sure if that means I should pivot, but the good thing is I see lots of comments regarding the quality of my mixes so I could offer educational materials there. Would love to have some extra insight though and critique as I prepare for the education stage 🙂

FB STATS: ~ 87.00 spent, .01 cost per result, 1332 plays at 75%, 959 @ 95%, 86 comments not counting replies nearly all of which great quality and positive


10:25 Nelson Femi Sofoluke:
Hello! Wanted to get your take on a permission campagin we are running for an upcoming single. Ed was gracious enough to give some pointers in the FB group. Wanted to get some more input.

The ad can be found here: (YT backup version:

Most of the audience is coming from this fan finder ( and subsequent education (,

Stats --> Amount Spent: 84.30, Cost per click: 0.12, Link CTR 2.5%, CTR (All) 4.61%, Leads conversion 3.46% (24 leads/693 link clikcs)

The leads conversion rate is low. Based on the trainings seems the landing page ( isn't converting. Would appreciae any input you may have. Thank you!


20:40 // 1:12:50 Eric Johanson:
Hey Circa - I discovered this life changing indepreneur world about 2 weeks before my album dropped on a small label. I immediately started running a FF on a music vid I had just released, and it's been doing really well (<$0.10 75% views & over 4k shares).

BUT - between pre-existing release commitments and getting my tech stack together, I've been playing catchup.

So - now I've got this video ad doing well, but no follow up retargeting for almost a month.. I'm just now getting Drip set-up, working through trainings etc. But - I want to hit these people back up with SOMETHING before too much time passes.

Any suggestions for something to retarget them with now?

If you have a sec for site tips also - I'll take 'em:

PS "Last Train Home" is sick dude


24:00 Ron Tippin:
Hey there! Hope you’re doing great. I’ve been running a fan fighter for a few months now, and it seems the conversions are starting to drop off a bit.

Here’s the ad:

Here are the stats (it’s a 95% lookalike audience):

May 27, 2020-ongoing
12,559 link clicks
$1,152.26 spent
Cost per link click: $0.09
Reach: 117,028
Frequency: 1.81

Any insight you could give me would be highly appreciated. Thanks so much for all you do! 😊


29:55 Dallas Johnson:
Hey sir,

I've finally got a FF that is rolling along nicely and I want to start to grow my list. I have an old album I did in 2013 and want to turn that into a UAL for permission offer. I've put together an opt-in video, landing page and also the format for the content pages I was hoping you could check out and judge harshly.

I'm planning on making a short documentary style video for each day(5 days total). Including behind the scenes, show footage, studio footage, and commentary from the future.

I would also like to put an offer at the end of the experience. In your opinion what would be the best product to offer, the CD for the album($10), a small price item like a patch($5), or a t-shirt($15-$20)?

Appreciate all you do good sir!

Opt-In Video-

Opt-In page-

UAL Content Page Format-


36:55 Jacob Morrison:
Hi Circa, we're due to release our 2nd album in January, and want to do a UAL.

We already crowdfunded over £11k for the album before discovering IndiePRO (, so are wondering how to make the UAL work for us.

We have a small but dedicated fanbase (57 customers from website orders and 226 crowdfunders). We have around 1.5k FB followers and 700 mailing list subscribers (which we need to clean). Just ran our first fan finder, which though pricey has picked up lots of quality comments and love.

Our fanbase isn't very big, but they are very dedicated and we have a high percentage of superfans. Should we be looking at a grassroots or affirmation style UAL?

I guess we could target crowdfunders with new and different merch as they've already ordered the album (and various bundles)?

Thanks for any insights you can give,

Jacob & Rebecca


1:06:15 Matt Koelsch:
Hey Circa,
I am in the process of having merch designed and created this month. I am wondering what the most efficient and affordable e-commerce/shop is for selling merch. Are you familiar with MerchBar? I have a SquareSpace page, but have just begun to experiment with the online store features... Thank you! My website here:


50:00 Dylan Galvin:
THIS IS A MONSTER AND I APOLOGIZE but you turned me from dude who says "people can't make money of music anymore" into a data-obsessed nerd.


I'm having some trouble. I can't seem to get the results I'm wanting, I'm not sure if my content isn't good enough, or if the offer isn't great or if bad likes are killing my page or if my funnel sucks or I need to continue experimenting with targeting....OR if I'm over thinking and destroying everything with false and unrealistic expectations.

I've already done the targeting worksheet twice (two full sets of 14) and the best costs I've gotten with the second group are:

Philip Phillips - $ .22 per 75% views (winner for Chesapeake)
The Fray $ .29
Damian Rice $ .31
James Taylor - $ .33
Andy Grammer $ .34
Pat Monahan $ .33
John Butler $ .36
Vance Joy $ .37
Joshua Radin $ .44
David Gray $ .45
James Bay $ .45
Ingrid Michaelson $ .52

None are horrible but none are great. Are you able to look at my funnel, vids and assets and give me a break down of what might be a weak spot in my funnel. My livestream every week has not really been growing at all, although I've gotten tips as much as $50 from fans. I have about 20-25 people who tune in pretty regularly to my livestreams.


My offer is "The Storytellers Journeybag" a digital two EP package with PDF lyric books.

The upsell is "The Storytellers Journeybox" is a physical custom box with two signed EP's

The O.T.O. is a handmade steampunk guitar pick necklace stamped with the phrase "Lyrics Matter".

I also have a cool shirt but haven't added it into my series.

About 700 lovely folks


My funnel:

My FB Page:

My Products:

Store/Home Base Website

First Fan Finder
(accumulated 1000 LAL but cost alot (about $400) and didn't get the results I wanted)

Second Fan Finder
(I tested out headlines and is looking to be a better performing video but ran out of money due to corona and waiting to see how it does)

One of my best performing videos but its NOT music (I was wondering if I could add this into my follow up series to my Fan Finder, my only concern is that it's geared towards my musician fans not really your average person)

Sorry for the novel. Thank you Circa.NOTE - the 1st fan finder doesn't have 3 or so seconds of silence on my FB version (only the youtube which is not the fan finder edit)

and my FB page - I'm currently deleting the rest of 20,000 bad likes I got from a grey hat music marketer but I don't seem to notice a whole lot of increased organic reach, I want to know if this is going to help at all after a while. My recurring content is a livestream where I play covers, sometimes I write songs with the audience live on the air and I play originals and talk about where they came from. Engagement seems great, I've had 300 + comments, but the audience size is very low.

Also - if I'm trying to sell a single, should I take a snippet of the music video as an ad and GBL it to my fans? I'm currently using dynamic creative and photos as an ad with a link - it's horrible, not converting a single person. Would a video work better?

ONE LAST THING - Can you simultaneously run a song as a fan finder to new peopel and ALSO run it as a single to current fans? Will this mess with your results?

Ok, Ernest Hemmingway novel over. Thank you so much!


1:03:50 Jourdanne B DeLovely:
So, in terms of recurring content: I am starting a YouTube channel - or expanding it rather! I have been utilizing FF for getting folks in, but I felt that the livestream I do weekly on FB was not enough in terms of recurring content for them.
I think the Youtube is a good fit for the little community I've been building and it could give them a lot of space to grow and even work to incentivize some CTAs for the Patreon I've been developing.
I was just hoping you could take a review of the baby channel that is present and let me know what you think in terms of recurring content, channel organization, aesthetic, etc. I know she is a baby, but better to start great habits now! Thank you if you end up having the time
(Just installed tubebuddy at the indiepro groups recommendation!)