INDIESLIVE! w/ Kyle "Circa" Lemaire

Originally published: March 10th, 2021

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9:40 Justin Tessier:
I'm getting a high Cost Per 75% + Cost Per 95% video views on my FF campaign ($0.75 per 75% view, $0.90 per 95% view). Any suggestions? This is the post, we shot it before I joined IndiePro:

15:48 Aisling Ennis:
Left a qtn but it disappeared (booo) I’m stuck in a rut with my Fanfinder - I cant decide what song and it’s just me and a static cam here (strict level 5 lockdown in Ireland) so I feel like I can’t create a snazzy wow factor fan finder as a result. My stuff isn’t exactly high octane (harpist!) it’s more mellow, beautiful, music. Have you any advice? I feel like I have Fanfinder block. I’ve devoured a few of the trainings and every time I go through them I’m a bit more familiar with everything and getting more ideas for how it sits with me as an individual and artist but it all starts with Fanfinder! Yargh. I am my own God damn blocker.

23:27 Tim Rose:

Related to Justin's Question: My 2 FF have been performing well for months. Now the 75% view has jumped to almost 30 cents, nearly double what it was.

I tried creating a 1% 95% LAL to try and target harder, but that was even MORE expensive. could you explain/speculate why you think this is?

These FF are killing -- but I want to keep them killing. I can attach links since you don't seem to be bogged down on this session:

28:00 Nishan Murrell:

How do you feel about a music video that's over 5 minutes for fan finder method? I'm an electronic music producer (house-ish, hip-hop). Also, the music a produce has a niche market so the audiences I've created mostly range from the 1 million to 1.5 million range. Is that large enough to run tests on?

29:22 Lasse Mainz:

Im running a FF at 5$ a day which is my entire budget. I get ,31$ pr 75% view and I’ve tested 20 audiences. I would like to retarget viewers to a carousel ad with 10 1 min snippets of songs from my catalog to Educate and then retarget again with an ep offer to build an email list. How Big should my warm audience before I start retargeting? And how do you feel about making Music the recurring content, if I could drop a song every 2-3 weeks?
Finally would love some feedback on my FF video. I have a huge drop off from 50% viewers to 75% viewers.