INDIESLIVE! w/ Joe Capati

Published: December 3rd, 2021


5:57 Tim Brandt

Question on branding: In addition to music/songwriting I’m also do a lot of acting in live theatre. My FB page name is “Tim’s Acting & Music”. I’m unsure if I should remove the “Acting” and keep just my page solely focused on music, since that’s the primary way I’m going to monetize and my FB FFs are of me playing guitar & singing. But on the other hand I usually participate in several live theatre shows a year which easily lends itself to content I can post and it’s also a big passion of mine. I know it’s not that uncommon for musicians to cross over to other art forms but in this case is it better to keep your page name & content music related & not post theatre related content?

14:16 Haley

Hey Joe! I wanted to update you that my new Fan Finder video is going well, thanks to you for your help! 🙂 I'm just getting started with an opt-in landing page for my album experience and would love your input. It's evergreen at this point, 4 days 4 songs into an intro series. Would you suggest I target the 75% VV of my Fan Finder, or any other audiences? Let me know your thoughts! (I may or may not be able to watch this live btw)