INDIESLIVE! Q&A Consultation w/ IndieX Agency Specialist Jesse Gillenwalters

Published: October 21st, 2020

Time Stamps

6:10 Kable Fransen:

Hi Jesse, what is up.
I've got an Indies Live question for you.
Check it out.…


14:28 Travis Rea:

Hey Jesse. Hope your good! Wanted to get your advice real quick on where to start with updating my tech stack and pushing further into selling more products on line

Im curnently paying (canadian) $56 per month using Bandzoogle, Click Funnel( Indie Shared funnel), and Free Mailchimp (only 60 subs so far) & Free Zapier.

For products I currently have a 5 Song CD (2019 release), Sticker, and button. I am hoping to add a Print on demand t-shirt.

i have made very minimal sales to this point and realizing my limitions with my current set up when wanting to make any quick pivots or changes. I have mainly focused on fan finder videos in the last couple years and have a few small custom audiences built up to work with.


1.Wondering what your thoughts are on strategically updating my tech stack?
2.which ones should I update first?

Obviously wanting to keep costs as low as possible but would like something that could grow along with me and my sales moving forward. Additionally hoping to find something with ease of use and integrates well with everything we may need to grow.

Cheers and thanks in advance!


23:10 Erika Chamberlin - Carroll

Hey it’s me! Thanks for wearing the tee! Questions about marketing to strangers as per circa


28:15 and 38:00 Eric Johanson:

Hey Jesse - Last week on Indieslive Circa said something about Shopify adding native one-click-upsells - but I haven't been able to find news of it anywhere - any idea? Someone on the IndiePro group said he meant Zipify - but that's $67/mo, far from native. I know you use Shopify so hoping you'd have an idea. Thanks!

ADDITIONAL COMMENT FROM CHAT BOX: Hey Jessie - Another Q if you have time - What are some of the best offers for opt in campaigns that you've seen? Having a lot of landing page views / few opt ins for free MP3s.. looking for ideas


31:20 V Capers Jr:
Looking for information about making content for my fans. How is Content Blitz Blueprint different from the Ultimate Album Launch?


33:13 Barry Power:
Hey Jesse, hope your good.

Just finished a headline test for my first fan finder.
The goal at the moment is for introduction and Lookalike audience.

Here is the video.

Here are the results of the headline test.…
ADDITIONAL COMMENT FROM CHAT BOX: Hey Jesse, I probably should have saved my question for the audit session, the quick version would be some tips for picking a winning headline. Thanks!


48:55 Black Hole Zion:
Any suggestions for or good examples of ways to pull folks into a FB Message flow?


50:45 Mickey Young:
Do you remember the FF example from the 502s that gets used.I don't understand why that has such a viral element to it, other than the winning headline that was used.What's your analysis on why that works?


52:40 Röckët Stähr:
Do you leave your fan finder running consistently while also running up follow-up nurturing type videos and such? I'm trying to keep my follow up videos spaced apart from when people see the first…but assume Facebook will just show them to them soon after they watch 75% of the first.

54:40 Josh Vigil:
So i always have a hard time coming up with video content for ads mainly because i make edm and i dont play an instrument. I DJ but i dont feel like thats as interesting as playing an instrument. Any ideas for some one who makes music inside the box and is having a hard time translating that to a visual medium.

57:00 Sky Titan Media:
I watch a lot of videos about things like tone den and hypedit so I tried to test my knowledge of ads and audience and create a similar thing via my website and just wanted your opinion on it. It leads to spot and apple, and my conversion rate for “viewed content” which was clicking on one of the two links, is at .23 cents per conversion but I haven't actually noticed a change in my Spotify or apple music numbers. Any ideas/impressions? 

59:18 Boh Doran:
hey jesse! I am super new to indiepro. I have been running ads on toneden for spotify followers and am starting to understand that your world is a whole new one. i am still stuck in thinking spotify is the only way to grow and don't really know a lot of people who listen to music in any other place. i do okay on spotify but am looking for ways to authentically grow and make even a little bit of money outside of the hundred bucks here and there from streaming. I also have data from the toneden ads and i know I can do something with it but I am lost when it comes to ads manager. where do i start?? fan finder?


1:00:29 Darrell Comeau:
Has Indepreneur compared Shopify to building your own Woo-Commerce solution.


1:00:55 Damani Rhodes:
I saw in the podcast that they talked a lot about using Drip for email marketing. Is it safe to say that you guys recommend Drip over mailchimp, active campaigns, get response, etc.? Or is it just the Drip and Shopify combo?


1:01:38 Mitchell Lawler:
In what ways does DRIP make it easier?