INDIESLIVE! Q&A Consultation w/ Co-Founder & Director of Growth, Corrin Campbell

Published on: November 4th, 2020



5:11 Yanmusic:
Hey Corrin! Hope all is well. I'd like to hear what you think about my Album Experience Landing page for my album "Are There Any Rules?". Thank you so much!

8:33 Jean-Paul Zoghbi:
Hi Corrin,
I want to take you advice on setting up an FB campaign to a Lookalike audience (LAA). Is it better to create one LAA for each green light country and then run those 15 odd audiences as 15 separate ad-sets within the same campaign, OR is it better to create 1 LAA that combines all green light countries and run one adset to that.
I can see the advantage of having 15 ad sets, one for each country to detemine which one gives you the best result, but some of these LAA would be less than 400k in size, and it is not big enough for FB to give low cpc. Whereas when they are all combined in one LAA, I noticed the cpc was lower. What would be better for Facebook to optimize, a large LAA or 15 smaller ones?

11:47 Heidi Bobal:
Hi Corrin, I am just starting out on a music video release journey. What is the best way to identify and target my ideal audience? Our music is rather eclectic electronic jazz ... a dnb and trap version of John Coltrane's Naima. There's a lot of feminine power, women empowermen and general empowerment content and energy in our artistic intention. How would you go about finding the right audience?

14:28 Levi Kreis:
Hi Corrin! I just finished IndieFounder yesterday and so grateful to have you guys helping us solidify this material and adopt it to our vision. If there was one thing I still feel insecure about after hours of FITFON and also talking about in our class, is that I am simply not certain that Drip is grabbing consumer activity correctly from SS. I've even integrated Stripe and Paypal into Drip so that theoretically every purchase is being fired directly from my payment platforms to Drip now. Maybe I've done all there is to do and they will never marry as well as, say Shopify, which I hear ya, I'll probably move to. But for now, I wish I could find a clear, succinct answer, like, "put that snipe code snippet here, here, and here" (which I have already done). Okay, thanks!

21:00 Tom Chapman:
Hi Corrin!

I had some promising results from a Name Your Price + s&h offer on a handful of rare CDs, sent to my list. I'm working on a bigger "we bought 100 CDs" Name Your Price + s&h funnel now.

Do you have any strong feelings about how this might differ from free + s&h in its ad and landing page approach? For instance, would the NYP bit mean you push bumps and upsells a little more softly?


24:18 Austin Reed:
Hello Corrin,

I am about to launch my first full album and I have some questions about what all I have set up and ready for the best results.

Currently I plan to have 2 Fan Finder Videos running with 3 Greenlight Warmth Boosting videos going. 8 songs with music videos and 2 vlogs a week pre recorded ready to go. I plan on doing an email drip campaign with a Free + Shiping offer. I also have a budget o 2k for this launch.

Do you think this is the best set up to have?

How would you schedule the album out?

How would you launch your first album if you had a 2k budget and a small team(Video & Picture Guy)?

Thank you so much for this help!

32:55 Dominik Baer:
Hey Corrin,
as always - thank you for what you do 😉
What experiences have you had with internal fb groups vs. IG with friends as a place to nurture your already existing fanbase ahead of a release? Is there one or the other that you prefer?
I'll be launching a crowdfund in January and then a new album in April, and I want to create a space to interact more in-depth with my core audience, drop some teasers and give some bts insight before the release - trying to identify the best place for this.
Thanks, Dom

38:53 Jessica Pearson:
Hey Corrin! Hope all is well! I'm really looking forward to this Indieslive!
I have one main question for you! I use squarespace for my website and I use MailChimp for my email list. I'm just starting to set up my products online to sell and I'm a little confused on how I set it up so that when someone buys a product (i am looking to run different campaigns and landing pages for specific products) they are tagged in my mailing list to recieve my nuturing and accension email campaigns? Or if they are not part of my mailing list, how do I sign them up or offer a sign up so they will get my email campaigns?
I also have a zapier acount if I need to use it!
Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Being an indiepro member has been one of the best things i decided to do in 2020!

42:20 Alexandra Razumova:
Hi Corrin! Hopefully, you'll have time to answer my QUESTION! We have a wordpress website, with WooCommerce store, but it's not attractive as is. We need a custom storefront, cart with upsells and bump offers, and a good-looking easy checkout in the store. We also want to build funnels and s&h offers. So... There are so many options that I'm lost!

I'm looking at Thrive Cart for the purpose of funnels and other sales... But as far as I understand, the store will still have to be updated.. since it's not a store.. right?

What about WooFunnels? It's integrating into woocommerce, so it will update the store checkout AND we could build a funnel with it, right? Does it serve both ways then?

I also had Cart Flows installed at some point, but never used it.. in hopes to customize the store checkout.. Is it an alternative for Thrive cart? Is it better? Please, let me know what you think! Thank you!

47:50 Maxi Zee:
have u ever used spotify custom conversion campaigns? if yes any tip on how to reduce cost per conversion? I embed a pxlme link in the landing page button but conversions are quit expensive 0.50-1.00$

51:37 Austin N Reed Official:
Who do you use to design your T Shirt prints?

56:54 Atalie Nearson: 
I dunno if I’m too late to submit a question - but what’s the best video platform to embed video content on a gated webpage or email that doesn’t allow link shares?