INDIESLIVE! Q&A Consultation w/ Co-Founder & Director of Growth, Corrin Campbell

Published on: December 9th, 2020




Deven MickeyYoung Bridges:

Facebook Page optimization question: So what are best practices for Call To Action buttons on facebook pages if you're not running a compelling opt-in offer yet? Thinking about the automatic buddies coming in from my Fan Finder


Emily Wade Adams:

I'm starting an album launch from ground zero. Would you recommend that I record the album first, and then sit on it while I do the Ultimate Album Launch? Or should I start UAL and generate some income & interest whilst I'm in the process of recording? Is it worth it to run a fan finder before I have my funnel in order? And last question: if the nitty gritty tech stuff (like coding) is overwhelming for me, are there peeps you recommend who I could hire to help me with that? xoxo Thanks in advance for your genius-level recommendations, you guys are the best!


Deven MickeyYoung Bridges:

Hey Corrin, I wanna keep the Fan Finder I'm running optimized and I recall the training saying that a 20% change over 48 hours is the way to go to stay optimized and not lose all your work.

I was booming the other day during my ad's audience testing phase (it's doing good now, but I'm concerned I made a mistake). Once I picked what I believed was 4 top performing ad sets, I just shut off the other ten audience ad sets at one time. Did that ruin all of the optimization and traction I gained from my headline test? Should I have extended the process of shutting my other ad ses off over multiple days? Because I went from spending like $70 to $20 in a day... Should I do anything different next time I'm testing audiences?


Matt Koelsch:

Hi Corrin, I recently setup my first e-store and I am running a sale for a few weeks: I was wondering if you have any recommendations of on-demand printing for merch? Right now, I am using a combination of Customink, Threadless and I am also hosting certain items exclusively on my e-store (ie USB Flashdrive). I am also wondering if there is a training session in the Indepreneur vault that covers methods to market merch to existing fans or if you have any personal strategies for this? Thank you!

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Greg Freeman:

Okay, I just released a live CD/DVD project. selling it for $30. I have it up on my shopify. Did I overprice it? I've already sold 5 of em. So I don't want to punish the people who already bought by lowering the price. They do cost only $4 to make. Not counting the cost of hiring the band members or the video editor.

Also, how do I maximize selling this or moving this. It's my first "release" in 5 years. Should I already be moving on to the next thing? Because of the circumstances of how this project came about; I didn't do a traditional UAL thing. This was going to be a Free + S&H thing until I ended up making this a DVD & CD instead of just a CD.

For context, the product is on shopify but I have a wordpress site. Free mailchimp account. I've had the same FF running at $1/day on both FB and IG since June.


Beat Tweaks:

question. I understand starting out with the Fan Finder. But what happens after that? Lets' say my goals are to grow my Spotify and Instagram, what would the path be after the Fan Finder?


Scott Ferreter:

Thanks so much for all of this. I've got a question--We just recorded our first fully-produced album, and are very excited about it. We have a live album released from 3 years ago, and another live EP. We have a fairly small but steady amount of streams coming in on those. They contain several of the songs on this new record, and they're way below our current standard. It's time to renew our distribution for the older one, and we're considering letting it expire. We'll lose some streams and potentially some monthly listeners, but it might help us build excitement for the upcoming record and will be a more accurate representation of who we are now. Any suggestions?


Deven MickeyYoung Bridges:

Oooo you guys can make those wooden flip drives?I'm HERE for that. I always have to order a batch of flash drives off Amazon and load em myself to send my mixtapes out.How do my business with you guys? I wanna do USB sticks



Emma Moore: - I have only run this to a small test run and it’s converted well but wondering if it can be better before I start a bigger ad campaign. 



Fuad Murad:

question. I understand starting out with the Fan Finder. But what happens after that? Lets' say my goals are to grow my Spotify and Instagram, what would the path be after the Fan Finder? Do I follow up with just another video leading straight to my Spotify?



Emily Wade Adams:

Thank you! That makes sense... I wasn't sure whether the UAL was intended to finance the recording. Sounds like it's more of a "recoup your investment" strategy. Thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for. And I appreciate the vote of confidence!



Simon Mindflip:

my question is : when do I start collecting email ? I have now anout 12 followers on Facebook from Fanfinder I genrate about 70k streams weekly on spotify but....I feel like its a waste of money and time to collect 100 emails....Its not like selling 20 t shirt
will make a difference .... is ir too early?



Michael RufoI: 

made a satire music video that FB will not let me run an ad for due to FB's current blackout on ads for any content they consider "social issue or election related". They started this blackout just before the election and say they will announce whether they would continue it around 12/11. It's unfortunate timing because the video got a good response (55k views) on YouTube (with an ad I did) but I recognize there is limited follow up opportunity with the YT path. I was able to do one ad in FB for a day or so but when I tried to continue it they rejected it due to the ban. So the question, which I am guessing no one has an answer to, is whether you have any sense on whether they will be ending the ban soon? Also, whether you folks have run into this on any other music video content in the last few weeks and had any luck with the appeals process? Any recommendation for how to get a review by a higher up/real humna to converse with about it rather than the usual limited appeals and rejection process?