INDIESLIVE! Q&A Consultation w/ IndieX Agency Specialist Jesse Gillenwalters

Published: September 9th, 2020



Dan Barton: "Is it ever cost effective to run ads that are targeted to a specific demographic? Like a wedding band targeting 'engaged' audiences? Personally, I am working on a product series for piano students and teachers specifically — do I let facebook learn who to target, or do I attempt to find this audience from the get-go?"



Jacob Trautner: "Hi, I'm starting my first FF in two weeks time, but as with other facebook campaigns I'm not sure how long they should run? If there's enough people you could have you a FF running all the time, but are Facebook constantly finding new people in the audience, or do they eventually start to repeat showing the add to the same people? thanks for a great program!!"



Kurtis Wilson: "how to promote on intergram and facebook the rightway & should i use boost on fb"



Briana Elizabeth: "Hellooo. Re: connecting squarespace e-commerce to mailchimp, is this possible w/zapier? Would it be through Google Sheets? Or through something else? Magical unicorns? I keep running into dead ends. Not sure if you know the answer or not but thanks for pondering!"



Matt Koelsch: "Hi Jesse, My latest FF video is not running on FB. I tried creating a new campaign twice, I tried lowering the audience sizes, uploading the video again. I am able to get a similar campaign with same audiences with a 60 sec video for IG working. The FF for FB is listed as active, but not spending any budget. Do you have any insights on what I should try? Thank you!"



Jessica Pearson: "Hey! I am launching an Album in March 2021 and I have done the FF training, Ones and zeros, Vuddy system, messenger and email marketing and just starting the album launch!I am wondering if there is a specific way or how to with releasing singles before the album launch?"



Chris Richardson: "What are the most common mistakes that indies make when doing their first greenlight warmth boosts?"



Angela Pace Soffe: "The result rate on my FF headline test is currently 26%. And looks like men ages 65+ are the most engaged. Is that a good result? Should I change the headlines and retest?"



Rafael Cevallos Velez: "Hi Jesse! If there's almost non fans would You suggest to launch an entire album in the first campaign or should we start with singles?"



Justin Wonsly: "Hi Jesse, I’m planning on a similar album launch style that you are doing. Physical available to fans/email list 10 months before the public, whilst dropping singles on streaming. Are you going to make both CD and vinyl, any good deals/approach on that you’d recommend?"



Lewis Poole: "How much did the Wooden Box thing cost? And how much did you sell it for? I'm curious how it did"



Justin Wonsly: "What kinds of costs are involved in your funnel (tech) build?Thanks so much!



Rafael Cevallos Velez: "One more question! How do we establish shipping costs??



Matt Koelsch: "Thanks for your support Jesse, Regarding my FF question (above)..Is it possible that my video or post ID has been flagged or disapproved by FB? Would it matter that I tagged another person in the video that is also in the performance and then ran the ad? They checked their privacy settings and they are set to public. Or perhaps that I checked into a location on the initial post?"



Mickey Young: "Okay so how would you suggest someone like me who has a small personal audience of ppl who’ve been following and asking for a complete project proceed in your album vs singles scenario? It’s not a large audience at all, but they’ve been with me for awhile, which is why I still consider myself a new/unestablished artist. They want an album like yesterday, but the strategies I’m hearing suggest that I save that album and build up more infrastructure like fan finders and recurring content. ...which would delay the release of this album. Any buddy system/listener journey advice for this scenario? I did miss most of what you said about releasing singles within the buddy system"



Justin Wonsley: "Looks like your square space stack isn’t too cheap? Sorry that these questions are split up, no offense taken if you don’t get to me. Briefly why did you move away from Clickfunnels?"