INDIESLIVE! Q&A w/ Kyle "Circa" Lemaire

Originally Published: February 17th, 2021


5:22 Aisling Ennis:

Hi, Aisling here (Pursuit of Harpiness, new member as of last week) really enjoying the training so far and am trying to prioritise a few things to invest in at the moment and would really appreciate your input if ya don’t mind!

1) My website is Weebly πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ because it’s so straightforward to use. But I can tell from all the threads I have searched in the group that I need to move to a more sophisticated platform but this scares the noodles out of me (dinosaur) would square space / wix be a reasonable compromise? I thought Bandzoogle was the answer to all my problems until I read reviews on here. Willing to invest the time and energy etc but I am starting from ZERO skills πŸ˜‚πŸ₯΄

2) Currently on Mailchimp but see that I need to move to Drip - correct? This will be a smarter move down the road when I am savvy with various automated email sequences etc?
3) I am having major decision drama regarding choosing a fan finder video. Is it common to feel completely clueless? I just have no idea which one(s) to choose despite watching and rewatching the training. I mean, in every vid, I’m playing a harp πŸ˜‚πŸ€―πŸ₯΄ Is it ok to share my YT channel for feedback? I don’t want to mess with the group rules so thought it best to ask here. Am enjoying the custom audience / business manager info. Excited to get stuck in. Just wish someone else would choose the videos!

Thanks so much for creating such a brilliant resource and group. I have already learned so much and have a tiny bit more confidence about it all.


16:50 Andy Juhl:

Hey, Circa! What is your recommendation for Instagram Fan Finder videos? Do you like to edit your FB fan finder videos down to IG length, or do you make separate videos for IG fan finders? I really appreciate all of the trainings and resources that you and your team provide. It's life changing stuff! Thank you!

19:18 Rob Spandl:

Would love to get some feedback on our signup page please.
For context:
The band's main message is "metal health awareness" and the genre is a Rock/Metal genre with niche "Emo Post-Hardcore" (with a touch of synth).
The google speed test is 93. That should be okay.
But what about the structure and the bribe?


32:00 Tim Rose:

Hey Circa! My first two FF are running great and I went straight to S+H with some education built in (THANK YOU SO MUCH) -- seems to be working but I wonder:

1) i'm running a dynamic version and a regular version of the video ad for free s+h, it seems like both campaigns be counting the same purchases -- should I shut one off?

2) Have you heard of bands LESS popular than the 502s having success with the "Spotify Swipe Up" IG ad ground report that yall did. It seems like a moderate fanbase is pretty necessary for that stuff to work at all. That's next on my to do list but it's for old music that my new FF warm audience just hasn't been exposed to yet -- wondering what you would do in my shoes.

Thanks, A happy customer in fact i'm all the way at the end of your buddy system, I think I've got 3 people to sign up for IP.


42:08 Frank Jordan: 

What is the recommended call to action that has had the most success for FF? i.e., directly to Facebook, a link tree bridge page, or direct to website, Spotify, YouTube, etc.


50:05 Everett Ecleezy Hendricks:

Is it me or is promoting your music videos a Youtube a bit harder than promoting them on FB?β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” 

52:10 Jess Adams:

I'm starting a podcast for reocurring content - recorded 5 episodes, about to dive head first into editing this week so I can have a pipe line of episodes ready while I promote and work on my next batch. Is there any advantage in starting socials that are dedicated to the podcast or should it just be part of my artist page.

On a similar note, I was wondering your thoughts on splintering social accounts based on topic. I have been running a typewriter poetry account for 7 or so years now and currently have 20.3k followers. Now that I'm trying to put out original music it's been difficult to get those followers on board, and I get it, the music wasn't what they really signed up for. I've been trying to sort of transition that account to include more music content and content that includes my face (in contrast to the poetry) but ultimately am wondering if I should just start another IG account dedicated to my music so that I can talk to people who are specifically interested in that musical content without having to wade through the followers who will only appreciate the poetry. My FB which has a lil over 1k luckily is mostly music and is beeing seeded by a fan finder. I guess really I'm wondering if It might be a good idea for me to keep the poetry account poetry and make an "Artist" account for my musical endeavors. Album coming in the summer so I'd like to make the pivot soon if necessary.


54:55 Simone Henry:

I'm finally ready to start running Facebook ads. I went to the Ad center and it doesn't seem to allow us to create the audience first. Is that what you're seeing? What would you suggest to someone just getting started with ads? Have you tried for ads? If so, what do you think? Are the results better or worse than Facebook?

57:45 Chris Richardson:

I have a successful fanfinder going & I have a weekly electronic music livestream going. The livestream usualy has around 5 people attending. I would love for it to grow more quickly, but it seems there's nothing I can do to make it grow faster, regardless of what I try/what advice I get. For now, the livestream is only on Facebook. Afterwards, I put the entire stream on YouTube & chunks on Instagram & Tiktok. What should I pursue next? Keep trying to figure out how to improve my livestream engagement/attendance? Make a website? Collect emails? Get merch set up? Something else?


1:00:20 Daniel Bills:

Hi Circa, thank you for all the work you and the Indepreneur team do for us. Just wondering what you think about 'all-in-one' marketing platforms like GrooveFunnels or Kartra and how suitable they would be to effectively implement the strategies you teach? The main appeal seems to be cost saving and convenience. Many thanks, Daniel


1:07:38 Matt Fullam:

Hey! I just signed up this week and I'm loving the training so far!

I wanted to get your thoughts on Playlist Promotion services for Spotify. I have used a few different ones (Playlist Push, Omari, etc) for previous releases, and I have seen some traction in Discover Weekly as a result. However, for my latest single release, I went strictly organic marketing (I only ran ads on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for our lyric video and related content). While the number of streams for this new song isn't quite as high, I believe these streams are organic (not bots), as I have seen listeners move from a YouTube ad to Instagram, and hopefully to Spotify.

However, for this new song, I have seen ZERO Discover Weekly Streams. Again, we did not use any playlist pushing for this song. This is concerning, as I am wondering if there is a "RED X" on our Spotify account, meaning that we are "banned" from entering the algorithm since it knows we used playlist pushing in the past. I know that nobody fully understands the Spotify algorithm.

My band is working on finishing our first full length album, which has been an expensive process. We are considering changing our band name and starting over with the Spotify algorithm. Obviously this would not be ideal in terms of sustaining traction we have already gotten from prior releases. However, if the "organic" marketing resulted in Zero Discover Weekly streams, I think the writing is on the wall, and we should start over with a new band name and Spotify for Artist Page. Let me know your thoughts. The band name is "Parlors" - Thank you so much! I look forward to your feedback!