INDIESLIVE! Q&A Consult w/ Jack McCarthy
Published on January 13th, 2020


4:58 Robert Mulhern:

Hey Jack, how are you doing man. Happy new year.
I am going out of my goddamned mind trying to figure out headlines the following video :

FIrstly I have a 1 minute chop done of it for IG with a "Link in bio" for the instagram half but I have no idea what kind of text to include as ive never included an IG vid in a fan finder before so Im a confused about what should be written in the post.

Basically I want to run a fan finder and a follower finder from it. I am already running stories ads but theyre not working quite as I would like.

I was wondering what strategy I should employ? Should I run this as a general fan finder and then duplicate the campaign and switch to traffic?

Same set of questions again but for this video which hasn't been posted yet. This one is in the Irish language(Albiet buried in reverb) :

I know I am being gluttonous with 2 questions but I just got stiffed for 1000 bucks by a PR company as they fiverr email list fucked us. I did it cause I wanted that algorithmic boost. they gave me online radio sites that werent even ssl certified so I really need help and am too stressed out about all of it to think straight about any one thing lol. I can't believe I got so screwed. Blog PR BS is well and truly dead.

17:22 Andrea Danieli:

Hey Jack, Happy New Year!! some Spotify campaign ones for me today:
1.When running a FB campaign (say direct-to-song to Spotify), is bot traffic an issue even on conversions campaigns?
2. I'm taking the Spotify Field Guide traning. Are the other creative juice podcasts/ground reports i should be looking at?
3. Is Toneden still legit/woth using or should i just build my own WordPress landing page?
Thanks buddy!

21:50 Greg Freeman:

Jack, I did it. I had an online stream. Did it everywhere. it was free to watch. It still is up and free to watch. I did a live CD & DVD for it. I sold only six copies. Selling for $30. I only printed 25. But with not many people buying I'm discouraged.

I have now turned off my FFs. Paused all spending. I'm licking my wounds here. Corrin said something about doing a Free + S&H with just the CD and then doing a upsell bump to the DVD. But I feel like now I have no momentum and would need to build my whole thing back up.

What do I do? It's the best piece of merch I've ever done in my opinion. But not if no one wants DVDs or if people are just gonna watch it for free. I feel like I should still have it available to watch.

What do I do? Do I just move on to the next thing? Or what's up?

30:15 Jordan Copeland:

Hi Jack —

You helped me out with some advice on my UAL a couple days ago but now I’m having some disheartening results and I’m wondering if it’s just random variation and I should stay the course, or if there are some obvious changes. Landing page =

Here’s the last 4 days performance for mailing list signups:

1/10: 20 leads @ $1.81, 135 link clicks @ $0.27, conversion 15%. CTR (link click through) 1.6%
1/11: 11 leads @ $3.35, 161 clicks @ $0.23, conv 7%. CTR 1.9%.
1/12: 18 leads @ $1.41, 167 clicks @ $0.15, conv 11%. CTR 3.07%
1/13: 1 lead @ $7.26, 66 clicks @ $0.11, conv 0.2%. CTR 4.25%

After 1/11 I made changes including cutting a lot of landing page, changing out the video, and changing my ads to still images rather than video, and things improved a ton for 1/12. But then on 1/13 things got a lot worse and I really don't know why. So my FB ads getting more people to click through. But it seems that every change leads to improved conversion for a day and then it regresses.

Am I overthinking this and I should just let it ride for a while? Or does something jump out at you like maybe I need to go back to more direct explanation in the video? My audience is substantially 65+ (and female if that matters).

Other info: warm audience is 50,000+ with multiple FFs, weekly livestream. I'm hosting on Squarespace so I don't know if I can A/B the landing page.

37:10 Zach Klein:

Hey Jack,
Love your videos and clarity of explaining! I am about to start running my introduction and engagement sequence together for the first time. I have all my emails set up and merchandise and cds ready to go that can be bundled with the exclusive EP (RnB/ Hip Hop) that I am using as my permission offer. Here is the landing page

Merch and CD look like this CD's are only $5 in the permission offer opt in for the ep but $20 in the shop.

My question is how much success have you seen with running an exclusive EP like this and then being able to sell the shirts and cds that come attached to the ep through the engagement series. I have a relatively engaged audience on IG that I am going to push it to but am really excited about attracting new fans through the fan finder funnel.

Along with that, what are some of your best practices/ suggestions for marketing an exclusive EP like this and making it as successful as possible.


43:52 Stacey Joy:

Hi Jack! I am thinking to post this video for a FF. It's one I already have up on Youtube and I was wondering if the beginning is strong enough. Maybe if I lob off the first bit? Or should I consider a different one all together? Thanks! here's the video:

46:40 Alexandre Vladimir Popravko:

Hey Jack!

Would love to get your take on my website front page, which essentially works as a passive opt-in offer page (with all the other nav stuff stashed near the bottom for the more curious minds).

I end all my videos with an “” watermark, have an early access style offer sitting on my FB artist page banner pointing to the “Learn More” button, which also links to the site, and occasionally will make mention of it in my various social posts.

Upon submission, the fan gets a “thank you” email with a link to a secret section of my site with all hitherto available bonus content. Using Drip for my auto responder.

If you’ve any optimization tips thereon, I’d love to hear ‘em! Thanks Jack!

51:15 Dezzie Mac Aoidh:

Hi Jack, really enjoying your classes.

I'm currently planning the best way to execute my optin campaign. This question is pretty much about going forward with a cost effective tech stack. Using hypeddit for my landing page links ( ) , music glue for my website and shopify for my store. Zapier is not compatiable with music glue or hypeddit though,

But Hypeddit is £7.00 per month as apposed to Woofunnel etc $25-30 per month and music glue is free as my website. I cant really afford to be paying these big monthly subcriptions at this point. I think I need to host i private page on my website and send that link to people when they sign up. I haven't ran a concentrated opt-in yet but when I do I want to reduce friction and also use a sign up form provider that doesn't require a confirmation email click to confirm subcription, does this exist at a low cost? confirmation emails dont seem to exist with the bigger companies.

I'm also planning of starting my patreon in the next couple of months but I do need to work on building up my lists with more intorduction, education and nurturing.

Here's my assets, would love your thoughts on them.

Here's my website:

Sign up form:

And fanfinder:

Thanks Jack