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$1-A-Day Ad
Strategy Cheatsheet 

(for Artists)

Ad Strategy Cheatsheet

(for Artists)

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Use just $1/day to saturate your audience with your latest content and ensure that you're getting in front of the people who matter!

Get 100% Reach to your warm audience of existing fans and listeners without scammy algorithm "hacks" and roundabout B.S...

You never know whats going to hit - find the show-stopper posts in your daily and weekly content and scale your ads to new fans!

"Doing some green light warmth boosting for a client after running an ultimate album launch style campaign for her curriculum. My green light warmth boosting ad is getting $0.80 PURCHASES on a $287 product. That's the power of really nurturing a niche and having a quality product I guess...

Holy s***... I'm floored...

And we're definitely upping the budget. Thanks Indie team.

You don't get to see this every day but these are the marketing moments that make me do a "touchdown dance."

- Chandler Versius, Indie Musician & Marketer

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