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EP132: Testing and Pivoting Your Ad Campaigns
Join us for a breakdown of the process artists need for measuring KPIs, reading warning signs, and optimizing Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns!
EP131: How To Audit Your Music Marketing (And Focus Your Strategy)
Join us for a step-by-step walkthrough on how you can audit your marketing efforts and get your strategy on a laser-focused path.
EP130: Educating Your Listeners with Content Boosting
Join us to discuss how recurring content, especially live content, is a powerful vessel for taking casual listeners further into the journey of being a fan.
EP129: How A Music Marketing Agency Gets Fans To Subscribe
Join us to learn how to tackle a critical part of growing your music business, creatively building a list of subscribers, whether email, SMS, or beyond!
EP122: Top 7 Moments From 3 Years of Creative Juice [ANNIVERSARY EPISODE]
The month of March marks the anniversary of Creative Juice and Indepreneur - take a look back at the top 7 most popular episodes of the last 3 years...
EP128: Grow Your Fan Base For $1 A Day
Join us for a deep dive into a Facebook Ads strategy that moves the needle for musicians with a budget as little as $1/day!
EP127: 6,291 Records In 3 Weeks Using Facebook Ads (IndieX Case Study)
Hear the story of how IndieX helped a brand new artist with no following sell over $300,000 dollars in physical media across a 3 week Facebook Ads campaign!