EP115: Artist Marketing In The 2020s

In 2020, the practice of music, comedy, creator, and entertainer marketing will shift dramatically. Do you know whats coming? Are you ready for the most dynamic decade for independent artists in the history of entertainment?

In this episode, Circa and Corrin walk us through their hand-picked lists of the most important trends to watch out for in the 2020s. Gain valuable insight into the near, medium, and long-term future of independent entertainment from your favorite podcast hosts! Plus, get a sneak peek into what Indepreneur has planned for 2020...

With a new decade at our doorstep, it's important to adjust your focus based on whats coming. So, take in these predictions and previews on your next long drive, walk, house chore, or trip to the gym. And, get ready for an AMAZING 2020!


  • Why entertainment will continue to "demonetize" in the 2020s
  • What channels will be overtaken by a "Messaging Revolution"
  • How commerce between artists and fans will outgrow web stores
  • What Major Labels will have to change to succeed in the New Music Business
  • How Indepreneur will continue to grow and evolve in the next year


  • by Circa
  • |
  • January 8, 2020