EP123: Upcoming Changes to IndiePRO w/ Circ and Jessie

The month of March marks the anniversary of Indepreneur and the Creative Juice Podcast - and to celebrate, we're looking back at the top 7 most popular moments in the show's history...

Join us as we celebrate 3 years as a company and a podcast dedicated to increasing the market share of independent entertainers around the globe! Hear some of the most value-packed and highly rated moments from our show's history as Circa recalls the twists, turns, and amazing growth the company has seen so far...

If you're a fan of hard-working success stories, then take a look back with us at a podcast that started with a smartphone and a cheap lav mic. Hear the defining moments that grew this experiment to one of the Top 100 Music podcasts in the world!


​- How to build your audience's culture using social listening

​- When Circa and Jesse's trainings will be released in 2020

​- How to take a "launch"-style approach to any release campaign

​- Why The Buddy System is the most important concept we teach

​- How Jesse is improving the Selling Tickets for Live Shows training