EP128: Grow Your Fan Base For $1 A Day

Facebook Ads are STILL a hotly debated topic among musicians in 2020! Do Facebook Ads really work for artists? Do you need to have a massive budget to make an impact? Is it even possible to reach your fans if you're just starting out with social media advertising?

In this episode, Corrin and Jack take us on deep dive into a Facebook Ads strategy that moves the needle for musicians with a budget as little as $1/day! You'll discover where this unique ad strategy fits into your whole content strategy, why it works, and how it can help artists of any size.

Whether you're a musician that's just getting started with Facebook Ads with a bit of budget set aside or you've got a thriving career as an artist already, you can't miss this episode where we connect the dots between ad strategy and truly connecting with your fans.


  • How the "BOOST" button has gotten a bad rap and can actually be useful
  • Who you should be targeting and why their engagement is crucial
  • How to make the most of even the smallest ad budget
  • Where your organic content plays a role in your ad strategy