EP67: Introduction and Education (Music Marketing Fundamentals, 1 of 4)

How does someone go from "I've never heard of you" to "I'm your hugest fan"? What are the necessary steps that go between those two extremes? Programming the psychological "journey" that your listeners take should be your primary focus...

In this 4-part series, we're going in-depth on the fundamental framework that guides every decision, strategy, campaign, and win here at Indepreneur: The Buddy System. Listen in as our co-Founders give you the full blueprint for creating a rock-solid business around your artistry that produces life-long fans like clockwork.

In this episode, Circa and Corrin discuss the first two stages of the listener journey: Introduction and Education. Finally unlock the true potential of your entrepreneurial brain; gain mastery over the skeleton behind every successful music marketing campaign!


  • How do you start marketing your music effectively?
  • What are the fundamental steps to an unstoppable music business?
  • How do you consistently grow your fan base without burning out?
  • What is the best way to get discovered by new listeners?
  • How do you keep new listeners invested in your brand?
  • What are the fundamental concepts behind music marketing?
  • How long before a listener becomes a dedicated fan?
  • Where do I find my initial fan base?


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