EP179: Exploring Beyond Facebook and Instagram Ads for Music

We talk A LOT about how Facebook and Instagram advertising is a powerful traffic source for artists of all kinds. But what about other traffic sources for advertising your music?

On this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack run down some of Corrin's recent tests of advertising platforms outside of Facebook and report on the results and challenges. Learn when it's helpful to test new traffic sources for your music, the pros and cons of Tik Tok ads, Google Display Network, and Snapchat ads, and what metrics to be paying close attention to.

If you're interested in testing out different types of social ads for your music, the insights in this episode will help you prepare your expectations and protect your budget! 


  • Why Spending Money and Time on Testing is Worthwhile
  • When To Consider Testing New Traffic Sources for Your Music
  • How User Interaction on a Platform Impacts Discovery for Artists
  • How Tik Tok Ads Targeting Varies from Facebook Ads
  • Why Google, Tik Tok, and Snapchat Ads See Higher Consumption But Lower Clicks
  • How the Stages of Fan Relationship Interplay with Social Media