EP220: The 2 Step Process To Build A Fan Base Consistently

Looking to build a fan base online and wondering if you should focus your efforts on organic growth or paid ads to reach new fans? The best strategy isn't either/or...

In part one of our two-part series on audience growth on Creative Juice, we discuss why paid social media advertising is still one of the most reliable methods of building a fan base online, despite what you might hear about TikTok or Instagram organic growth! Learn the best practices for testing your content with Facebook and Instagram ads, establishing a baseline for your audience growth, and the where to start if you're just starting out!

If you've been hearing the chatter in music marketing pitting advertising against organic growth, this episode will flip your conceptions about social media advertising on its head!


  • Why Paid Traffic Is So Consistent For Audience Growth
  • What KPIs To Monitor In Your Campaigns
  • How Touring and Advertising Are Alike
  • Why Paid Social Beats Organic If You're Starting From Zero