EP221: Why Organic Growth Matters In Music Marketing

Whether it's TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, organic social media growth is a critical part of music marketing. Facebook and Instagram ads alone won't carry the growth for most artists and the reason might surprise you...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed continue the conversation about the two-legged fan base growth strategy for artists in today's social landscape. Learn the pros and cons of organic content, the dangers of relying on only paid traffic, and the results they gained from the investment, a how organic and paid strategies support the growth of well-rounded artists!

If you've been wondering how to tighten your focus in your music marketing, this episode will help you find a balance between the two most impactful channels for growing an audience!


  • What Goals Artists Should Set With Social Media
  • Why Your Content Needs To Be Relationship Driven
  • How To Qualify Your Top of Funnel Audiences
  • What Your Paid Ads Can Teach You About Content
  • How To Warm Up Your Fans After They Discover You