EP228: A Crafty Way To Work With Promoters To Crush Your Live Show Marketing w/ Ande Hunter, IndieX Marketing Strategist

Touring is riddled with all sorts of challenges for artists and live show marketing is full of even more...dealing with multiple ticket providers, data dark spots, and outdated marketing tactics becomes more challenging as you grow!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed are joined by Ande Hunter, a Marketing Strategist at IndieX and the guitarist of As December Falls to chat about tour marketing and tech stacks! Learn about the challenges artists and bands face when working with bigger venues, promoters, and agents and how As December Falls overcame their marketing challenges and data traps in their customer journey with clever negotiation and a robust tech stack!

Worried that your ticket sales will flop due to bad marketing that's out of your control? This episode is a must-listen and might even predict the future of how bands and their teams work together to succeed!


  • Why Artists Have Challenges With Tour Marketing As They Grow
  • What You Need In An Efficient Tour Marketing Stack
  • How As December Falls Built A Tech Stack Solution WITH Their Promoter
  • Why You Need To Know Your Numbers For Leverage
  • How Sales Page Congruency Plays Into Your Fans' Customer Journey
  • What Your Past Data Can Tell Your Promoters
  • How To Do Early Access For Merch And Presales Even With "Imperfect" Marketing