Episode 42: [CASE STUDY] Selling Music Online with Digital Album Launches w/ Caracol

selling music online digital album launch

Selling music online is not easy. On February 7th, Canadian artist Caracol released her French-language EP, Les Yeux Transparents, to an immediate influx of direct sales and acclaim. But the road to that moment was hard fought and lousy with hardship...

In this episode of Creative Juice, we sit down with Caracol to learn the behind-the-scenes story of her EP launch through the IndieFounder program. Caracol shows us why the future of the music industry is in the hands of passionate Indies...

Learn from a successful Indie what it's like to make it to the 'summit' of your music business, and what it can mean for your overall music career. This episode will inspire and motivate you!


  • Overcoming technical challenges as an artist
  • info-circle
    The importance of remaining determined (marketing stamina)
  • The value in embracing the "technical" side of music marketing
  • Why cultivating a positive attitude actually works
  • Using ManyChat as a "playground" to collect emails and strike gold
  • Selling CDs and Merchandise as an online Indie Musician
  • PLUS: Finding "inner intensity" for running a business